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DSC_0008Welcome Letter from

Pastor Dave Stanley

Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by our web site. We hope that as you look around you will feel more at home with First Baptist Church and our various activities and ministries.
For one reason or another we all need to feel connected to a church family. Whether we feel our lives are together or if we feel a sense of hopelessness, a church family is something very important to have. Let me encourage you to find a church family that you can feel accepted, comfortable and challenged in your spiritual walk. If we can assist you in that search, feel free to email or write.
We, at First Baptist Church, feel the Lord is growing His church in His own time and His own way. As we are faithful to the inerrancy of His word, the encouragement of others and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are confident God will help us grow.
According to 1 Corinthians 12:18 (“God places the members in the body just as He desires”), we recognize that God grows the church as we are faithful to serve Him.
If you do not have a church home, let me encourage you to visit us. Come and see for yourself what God is doing among us.  We are always looking for people to join us in worship. See our worship schedule & location for times. If you are an established believer with a church home, let me encourage you to continue in the Lord’s work, which He has for you at your church.
God bless you as you continue to serve the Lord or seek His face in establishing a relationship.

“Come and experience the growing excitement”

By His Grace,
Pastor Dave Stanley

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