Adult Ministries 

DSC_0029Adult Sunday School Classes

Life Matters: This young adult class is taught by Devin and Robin Graves and meets in Room 216 of the education wing. The class studies a range of topics about the important matters in life and also enjoys class fellowships several times a year. Joy: Located next to the faith kitchen in the gym, the Joy class is open to adults of all ages.  You are invited to explore with us the relevance of all scripture for today’s living. The class is led by Jason Brewer and Tom Warren. Jubilee: The Jubilee class is taught by Keith and Pam Broce and meets in the Manna room on the north end of the gym. It is made up of a diverse group of middle age adults, both single and married. They primarily study the quarterly curriculum from Scripture Press. 

Fellowship: The Fellowship class is taught by Phil and Lannie Buechner. They are a small class of adults varying in age, that like to examine and discuss the Scriptures in depth. They try to have refreshments for each class and throw occasional parties- all are welcome.
Wifani: The Wifani class studies various books of the bible and is taught by the amazing Jake Giger!
Sr. Adult Classes Crusaders: The Crusader class is taught by David Maslen. It meets on the stage below the sanctuary. The class is primarily composed of retired married people. It follows the quarterly system through a complete 6 year study through the Bible. It also meets the first Saturday of each month for food and fellowship with the Gleaner class and other brothers and sisters in Christ.  Gleaners (Sr. Adult Women): Gleaners is an all women’s class for ladies in their senior adult years. Two class members take turns leading as the class studies a chosen book of the Bible with the assistance of a study book.    
Prayer Quilt Ministry
QuiltsThe Prayer Squares Quilt Ministry is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. After the ladies make a quilt, a heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers. The ends are left free to be tied. The quilt is then displayed and is available for those at the end of service to tie a knot and pray for the recipient. Military Squares are also made for those serving our country. The quilters meet each week and have made over 150 quilts.


American Baptist Women

American Baptist Women play a large part in the ministry at First Baptist Lydia Cr 5 croppedChurch. The purpose of ABW is to unite women in a commitment to the mission of His church, through worshiping, working, and witnessing in the home, community, nation, and the world. Our local ABW organization meet each month for devotions, workshops, and fellowship. These “circles” have contact with both home and foreign missionaries, as well as involvement in other ministry opportunities such as Love Gifts, White Cross, Scholarship projects, and conference attendance. 

Mens Bible StudyMen’s Bible Study

The men of FBC come together Friday mornings at 6:30 to sharpen one another through the study of God’s Word. 
On the first Saturday of each month the men host a breakfast bible study at 8:00 in the Fellowship room beside the Gym.
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